Webinar 3: What motivates or scares your population? How can you know?

THU, OCT 31, 2019
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CDT


In our first two webinars of the 2020 Census Webinar Series, we've shown you how to identify and target your population. In this 3rd webinar we go even deeper into understanding your population.  We will build on the understanding of how to find them and show you how to determine what motivates them. The insights from this event will be integral in designing your messaging strategy and implementing a campaign that can motivate the action of completing the census by your target segments.


The same message will not work for everyone in your community. Learn how and why to segment and test your messages. Some messages delivered to the wrong population at the right time can actually have the opposite effect of motivating your population. We'll teach you how to avoid this and other pitfalls. Together we can ensure your community achieves the complete count you desire.