Ask America Anything 2018 Application

Applications are now closed!


We are proud to announce we are accepting applications for our fourth annual Ask America Anything contest. 


Every year, in celebration of Giving Tuesday, Civis gives away a public opinion poll to a nonprofit organization. We’ve learned it’s not enough for nonprofits to know what public opinion is — they need to know how to effectively change it, too. That’s why we recently launched Creative Focus, an easy-to-use online creative testing tool that allows organizations to analyze how and why their messages are working with the audiences they care about most.


This year, we are giving away Creative Focus tests to up to 3 organizations. Nonprofit organizations can use Creative Focus to answer questions like:


-Which digital ad increases intent to donate or volunteer the most?


-Which video is best at increasing awareness of key facts about an issue?


-Which talking points are most effective at increasing public support for a policy?


Previous winners include organizations like the Children's Defense Fund - we helped them test their messaging to determine which was most effective at increasing support for federal spending on anti-poverty programs. Read more about the results from last year here.


Complete the application below to win


Read the official Ask America Anything contest rules (link here) and enter to win today. Apply before midnight on Friday, January 4, 2019. We’ll contact the winners by Friday, January 11.


In 300 words or less, tell us about your organization, how you’re trying to influence public opinion, and the messaging you want to test. We’ll review how well your questions fit your mission, how likely it is the results will allow you to take action, and how clearly you express the goal of your submission.